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Hi, I'm new here. I'm filing a divorce against my husband because of his affair.

Has anyone engaged this law firm Godwin Campos?

I have visited 3 law firms so far for free consultations and disclosed my information. I don't mind exploring more lawyers before I choose one, but I'm scared that my husband will use one of them and they have my information.

Any review please.


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Haven't engaged them before.

Regarding your concern I don't think that can happen. Lawyers are supposed to have very strict confidential agreements with their clients. Not sure if you qualify as one if you just do a free consultation, maybe you wanna check with them before you disclose more to them?


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I sent an enquiry yesterday.

Florence Chua called me this morning and i am meeting her tomorrow. She's was nice enough to ans some of my queries via the phone.

Went PKlaw for a free consultation and was like put down by their words. Disappointed


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I hope it's okay to bump this thread up. I would also like to know if @Monkey or anyone in this forum went through with a consult with Godwin Campos and how it was (if ever). I'm considering going to this firm because it's near my office, plus a colleague has experience with Godwin and his team, albeit for a property dispute case.