Psychological abuse is the worst


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please remember you need to get help from a counselor who stands with you when you are experiencing psychological abuse!

Because it is intangible to outsiders ,
it Doesn't mean they are not real !

when the spouse starts to manipulate you not just with abusive words but with some threatening words that keep on ringing in your head causing psychological distress , please do not hesitate to seek professional help !

If the counselor does not believe you but your spouse instead, then see another one !
don't stay on with him /her
counselor is supposed to help you
that's why you go to them!


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I believe a counsellor is trained to be objective and neutral. I have gone for counselling where the counsellor tries to get each party to understand each other and why we hold our opinions.

Of course if Party A is far away from the middle ground and Party B is nearer, it will seem to Party A that he/she is being disadvantaged and giving up a lot.

I hope you have found closure.


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Counsellors do help .... at least having another pair of listening ears is soothing. Friends can help too as long as they don't dwell into the negativities and in a toxic mode which may cause more psychological stress.


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