(READ FIRST!) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts


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Dear members!

If you are here, it means you are a group of early pioneers for this forum, and we are greatly thankful for your time and contribution.

This forum is setup to help a particular group of people get support, be it emotionally or in getting advice from some of us who have walked the path before.

If you have been down the road of rocky marriages and divorce before, you'd know that it is a lonely road to take. It is still pretty much a taboo topic to raise up. Friends who have not experienced this before can only provide so much support, and this is why we are here.

We hope to grow this community to be the biggest support site for people seeking advice for marriage or divorce, and be a pillar of support for them.

In time, we will hope to rope in experts to answer queries that are specific to each of us. For example, a few of the experts we'd hope to have here will be divorce lawyers, financial consultants, will writers, match making etc. They can be in the form of tie-ups with organisations, or it could be our very own forum member.

Before we get to that stage, we have to grow first. And the initial growth phase will come from all of us here.

Please use the forum as you'd use it normally. Share stories, Seek advice, and give advice where you can. Help to spread the word of this forum whenever you can.

In the process of it, please POST IN THE "BUGS AND FEEDBACK" FORUM
1. Report any bugs you find in the forums
2. Give feedback on anything that can make it better. (e.g. the points system, navigation, anything at all)
3. Ask questions for anything unclear or
4. Give suggestions for anything more that we can add to the forums.

Lets aim to make this forum a good experience for everyone, pioneers and future newbies alike.

Thank you all again, pioneers! May your experience be fruitful in here!
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